Varuna Conversations

As part of your residency, Varuna offers the opportunity for you to have a one-on-one consultation with Dr Carol Major, one of our most experienced writing mentors.

A Varuna Conversation can be useful if you have become tangled in content, lost confidence in your project, or you are feeling doubtful about your ability to realise your vision. The process can also be useful if you are in the early stages of exploring a concept, or as an adjunct to other Varuna programs.

Varuna Conversations can also be used to discuss the development of a pitch, a synopsis or other aspects of preparing a manuscript for publication.

For writers while in residence at Varuna, the fee for a one-hour Varuna conversation with Dr Carol Major is $115. (Please note that this fee may be waived if you are a current recipient of a Varuna residential fellowship.) For writers not currently in residence at Varuna, the fee is $200.

 You can choose to submit up to 10 pages of your work in advance, or you may choose to talk to Carol without her first referring to a sample of work.

To book your Varuna Conversation either as part of your residency or not during a residency, please submit this form. If you have any questions, please email


If you are looking for support and feedback for your writing project over a longer period of time, a number of our consultants are available for ongoing mentoring sessions.

The fees for mentoring are $450 for a 5-hour package, or $800 for a 10-hour package.

Mentoring programs depend on the availability of our consultants, so please get in touch to discuss your project and what you are looking for. Once assigned a mentor, you will liaise with them about what you are seeking to achieve through mentoring, and they will advise you on a plan for the mentoring program.

To enquire about mentoring, please submit this form or contact us at 02 4782 5674 or