Manuscript Assessment

Do you need personal feedback on your writing project?

Varuna Consultants are industry professionals who can help you identify where you are up to with your creative project, and provide support and advice on further manuscript development and in some cases, publishing pathways.

Manuscript assessments are available for works of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, children’s books, poetry and scripts. We do our best to match you with your preferred consultant where possible.

While the consultant will respond to specific questions you may have about the manuscript, generally manuscript assessments give feedback on larger elements of the work such as the writing style, character development, plot and pace. For poetry or short story collections, the manuscript assessment will give feedback and advice on individual elements as well as how the pieces are working as a collection.

The manuscript assessment will provide you with practical advice for the further development of your manuscript - what’s working and why, what isn’t working as well, and advice on what to tackle next when you go back to your manuscript.

The manuscript assessment does not include proofreading or editing services, and is conversation-based rather than a written report.


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Note that we also offer a Mentoring service, and for writers who do not require a full manuscript assessment, we also offer short writing consultations.

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