Invited residencies – apply to stay at Varuna


Are you looking for some quiet writing time? Have you always wanted to come to Varuna?

Who can apply?

Our residency program is open to writers from Australia and overseas. You will need to have an identified creative writing project on which you are working as well as a commitment to an ethos of concentrated work and collegial support. 

When to apply?

Applications for the first half of 2020 close 7 October. However, if you are interested in coming to Varuna before 2020, please do complete a request form now, before this closing date, as from time to time we have last-minute cancellations or vacancies.

What does a residency cost?

A residency offers accommodation, all meals, and a private working space in the special environment of Varuna for $1,070 (including GST) per week. (Note that if you have previously been awarded a fellowship, then you can apply for an alumni residency instead).

How do I apply?

You can complete a simple online application form here.

What is the selection process?

We will consider the artistic merit of your proposal, and the benefit of a residency to your project. We also consider the balance of emerging and established writers, and we also take into account access for writers with disabilities, First Nations’ writers, and cultural diversity.

Mentoring during a residency

Writers often book a Writer Conversation to have a one-on-one consultation with Dr Carol Major during their residency - click here for details. See also Writer Development for an overview of the consultation service that Varuna offers.

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